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хлж таки занимаются деталями, может писал не туда?

HobbyLink Japan is happy to get Japanese model parts for customers, but we need you to understand a few points, first:
*We cannot confirm the price of the parts for your prior to your order. There are literally millions of different parts in existence and it's impossible for us to catalog this data, or take the time to check with the manufacturer and report back to you before you place an order. Just assume that the part will cost a 10-30% of the cost of the original kit (unless it's a very major part, like the body of a car kit, and then it can cost even more) and be prepared to pay that much. Note that kits from major manufacturers have a parts list on the last page of the instruction sheet that shows the prices of the runners and other parts (though this is usually in Japanese only), but if you study it for a few moments, you can probably figure out how much what you need will cost.
*Parts orders can take time. Manufacturers frown on us placing orders for just one or two parts. In addition, we earn no profit from parts orders (handling costs far exceed the income from the markup), so we need to handle them as efficiently as possible. As such, we let parts orders from customers "pile up" for a couple of weeks or so and them order them in batches. And depending on the parts, it can then take a few weeks for them to actually arrive from the manufacturer. So you need to be prepared to wait as long as two or three months to get your part (it's usually quicker, but it may take this long).
* You must pay by credit card and have your card number on file BEFORE we order for you. In the past, some money order customers have failed to pay us after the parts we ordered for them arrived. And it's impossible for us to sell parts to anybody else, so those items immediately become "bad stock" on our shelves. I'm sure you can appreciate that we're anxious to avoid this happening.
* For the same reason,we ask you NOT to look for the parts from other sources until we have made it clear to you whether we can help you or not.

If all those conditions are acceptable to you, here's how to place your parts order:

Send an e-mail to parts@hlj.com that states exactly:
1.Your full name (and customer ID if you know it)
2.Your shipping address (not needed if you have ordered from HLJ in the past)
3.The exact manufacturer, scale, model number and name of the kit(s) you need parts for.
4.The name of the part(s) you need. Note: Plastic parts must be ordered in complete runners only. You cannot order, for example, just a landing gear strut, or hip joint. You must buy all the runners of parts that contain what you need. Most Japanese kits have a letter name (A, B, C, etc.) on each runner of parts. Give us the letter of the parts runner you need. If it's non-plastic parts or large parts that don't come on their own runner (e.g. "decals," "rubber tires," "body") then just a description will do.

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