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Бандай ответил!
Вовремя блин... 17-го мая я отправил им письмо.
Собственно вот письмо:
Dear customer
Thank you for purchasing our product and contacting us.
Please find our replacement policies below.

1. We accept free replacement for any defection or missing parts if it occurred in our production line or during the transportation. We need to see a picture of broken parts or a sprew that has missing parts in the unwrapped plastic bags when you ask for a replacement.

2. We also accept a replacement for broken parts or missing parts which occurred under customer's responsibility. This replacement will be done free of charge but it will be only one time deal.
Your replacement will be done under policy #1.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, please let us know for shipping

-your adress
-item code(under bar-code)
-your phone number
-your full name
Sorry for delay.

Я ответил, мол спасибо, но HLJ уже решил мою проблему. И спросил пару вопросов... посмотрим или ответят...
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