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Еще одно информационное письмо от Денни с потоком мыслей

It’s only been just over a month since we last spoke but a lot has happened - one hour in Smart Doll Land is 7 years on Earth.


You know I just didn’t understand Interstellar when I watched it first but after studying a little bit about relativity theory I think I want to watch it again. Anyway back to topic….

First off we have a load of new releases including Glasses, Lady Liberty Set (only a few left), Hiroshima Jeans, CJ Tee and more.


Price reductions have been made across many products so dig around to see what may tickle your fancy. In the future I will make a wishlist so that you will be automatically mailed when price reduction or time sales are activated.

We also have 3 (count em) new Smart Dolls.





Later this month Trinity should be released with Kanata and Serenity following next month


To let you know that the Apparel Set is now seasonal and will change more often. There is a link on the product detail page of Smart Dolls (where it says “which is the right set for you” - https://shop.smartdoll.jp/pages/apparel-help

This link (which is the same content as the popup on the product page) will always be updated so keep your mince pies on it if you are just about to buy a Smart Doll apparel set.

When you place an order next time, fill in your phone number on the order confirmation page and the system should update you by sending a SMS (as well as email) - some mails don’t seem to be getting through as providers just bounce them.

I will be attending Otakuthon in Montreal Canada - 3 - 5th August.


I do have a panel where I will share learnings in my career instead of trying to sell you stuff which I used to do many moons ago and when I look back at my keynotes I cringe. I do touch briefly on some Smart Doll news though but most of the panel is used to give back - not to take more.

We will have a booth too where we will be selling Smart Doll for 830 CAD each - as with all our events in the past, we sell curated apparel sets where the value of the doll + apparel + import taxes amounts roughly 830 CAD. We can’t let folks choose apparel items as I need to curate to create a balance for the whole show. If you prefer to pick your own apparel then its probably better if you order from the site as usual and our team will send (as usual).

If you are interested then send mail to support@smartdoll.jp with the title "OTAKUTHON - name of doll" letting us know which Smart Doll you would like - Trinity should be available just before we fly. This is a first come first serve as we can only bring a small amount. We ask that you collect your dolls at the end of the last day. We don’t usually bring apparel items and focus on Smart Dolls only. Anyway send mail and our support team will attend to your needs and explain payment options but remember first come first serve.


I’ve got a ton of things to say about the clutter humans acquire throughout life but today I will share a very short summary with you until I get time to write about it more.

This is my desk of late which has changed a lot throughout the years.


I try to keep my environment as clutter free as possible. Clutter makes it difficult (for me anyway) to focus on the important things in life due to the small distractions of “stuff” which needs to be dusted or kept somewhere. Even if that “stuff” is hidden out of sight - it ends up being extra weight - just imagine being the captain of a boat - your stuff maybe in some cabinet out of sight but you will feel the weight as you steer your ship which will affect major decisions you make in life.

I know folks who want to be doing great things with their career but let their “stuff” weigh them down. Getting rid of stuff you like is a sacrifice - it can be very hard throwing stuff out or giving it away! But make it a habit to offload and lighten your life and you will start to notice many good things happen. Out of 100 things I throw out, maybe I ended up needing 2 of those things some years down the line - no biggie - just buy them again. But those 100 things you threw away will free up an incredible amount of time and time is your most precious asset which we talked about last time.


Folks think that throwing stuff out is a loss and humans hate the thought of something being taken away from them. Just imagine buying a pair of underwear which is too tight - but you already paid for it so you wear the underwear despite the fact that its very uncomfortable. Thats great - you end up using the item that you paid money for but end up walking funny for the rest of your life. Humans see a situation like this as a Sunk Cost.


I see this as a learning - I actually have bought a tight pair of boxer shorts but decided not to wear them after I noticed my voice becoming high pitched.

I got the next size up which was a good fit but I would not have known until I tried the smaller ones - you don’t really want to walk into a store to try on underwear which has skid marks left by the previous guy.

Another reason why folks don’t generally get to get rid of stuff is because stuff has a physical form which takes precedence above your most precious asset which has no physical form - time.

Because time has no form, people use their time as if they have a ton of it. Remember - clutter takes up time - whether you are dusting it, storing it or making space for more clutter.

Thats about it!

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